Huron Nursery

The need for expansion surfaced in November of 2003 and the purchase of the Huron Facility allowed that need to be meet. It was decided that staying in Fresno County, but moving a little further south, would allow for more convenient transportation to growers in that part of the area.

Originally, there were two large heated houses equipped with retractable walls and roofs and infrared heaters and a shop that included two germination rooms. As the demand continued to grow for transplants, the two heated houses proved to be insufficient space to meet grower needs. With that as the driving force, expansion took place, in a gradual manner, with the last of the construction finishing in 2007.

Today the facility includes 783,408 square feet of heated growing space and approximately 80,000 square feet of outside growing space. Huron is managed by Conner Tollenaar and Robert Martin with the help of Kathy Cites and have a combined experience of over 20 years.

Firebaugh Nursery

In 1997, the vegetable transplant industry, more specifically processing tomato transplants, was growing at a rapid pace. The shift from direct seeding to transplanting in the field largely contributed to the growth of both transplants and the facilities needed to grow the transplants. With that in mind Westside Transplant, LLC, set into motion the construction of twenty-four state of the art greenhouses in Firebaugh, CA. With Fresno County being the leading county for contracted planted acreage of processing tomatoes, it seemed fitting that Firebaugh be the home to Westside Transplant, LLC. first greenhouse facility.

Today, the facility has expanded to include 197,618 square feet of heated growing space and 200,000 square feet of covered outside growing space. Isaias Quesada Jr. manages the facility with over 14 years of growing experience.

Lemoore Nursery

Previously known as South Valley Transplant, the Lemoore Facility became the third facility purchased by Westside Transplant, LLC. in 2007. The original six houses, referred to as the northern houses, were built at this time and were designed to be heated by way of bottom heat. In 2009 the need for more heated growing space gave reason to construct six more houses, which are also heated with the use of bottom heat. The twelve houses total 240,000 square feet of heated growing space. Two large flat roof houses complete the available growing space, all of which is managed by Juan Contreras with the help of Maria Lopez. Together they have over 20 years of experience.

Winters Nursery

The last facility to be added to Westside Transplant, LLC. was constructed in 2007 on land that lies in Yolo County, the second leading county in contracted planted acreage of processing tomatoes. Three large houses, totaling 311,040 square feet, were the first to be built. The following spring, the houses equipped with retractable walls and roofs, bottom heat and forced air direct and indirect heaters were put into production during the vegetable transplant season.

In addition to the three large houses, there is approximately 28,000 square feet of covered outside growing space. The facility, which now totals 650,080 square feet of growing space, is managed by Scott McKray and Randy Timothy each with more than thirty years of experience, and Jonathan Kochan with 10 years of experience.